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Your Partner in Real Estate Success

Welcome to Agent Publishing, where we build relationships with local residential real estate professionals and report news and share information that helps build their businesses. We’re an independent media powerhouse, deeply embedded in the vibrant communities of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, South Florida and growing.

At Agent Publishing, we’re not just another media company; we’re real estate industry veterans who are passionate about amplifying the voices of local real estate leaders and influencers. We bring a fusion of national news stories, local market insights and the wisdom of industry experts. Our coverage spans the entire spectrum, from boutique brokerages to major players, with a special focus on new construction, lending, technology and more.

With a readership that extends to over 280,000 engaged readers nationwide, we provide an all-encompassing and laser-focused view of the real estate market. We understand that success in real estate takes various forms, and each market has its unique intricacies. That’s why our Agent brands serve as your local platform to gain trust and capture market share.

We tailor our reporting to meet the distinctive needs of each local area, offering an understanding of how markets differ from one another. Plus, our commitment to accessibility means there are no paywalls to our articles. Our mission is clear: to elevate the real estate business by providing valuable, insightful content.


Explore our dynamic websites, engage with our vibrant social media presence and immerse yourself in our informative print and online publications. Agent Publishing is your go-to resource to deliver your company’s message, products and services to an audience of the most active, best-informed real estate professionals. We firmly believe that every real estate agent deserves the right tools to thrive, and we take pride in delivering content that empowers our readers to do just that!

Partner with Agent Publishing and unlock your company’s potential. Join us on this exciting journey toward greater success in the ever-evolving world of real estate.


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Websites in 8 local markets

More than 2,770,000 combined annual web traffic impressions

283,000+ email newsletter subscribers

More than 53,000 followers on our social media channels

“Who’s Who in Residential Real Estate”Premium print editions across our 10 markets

AgentEDU: Practical real estate training utilized by more than 10,000 learners 

Local Markes


WEB: 34,700+ monthly impressions, 33,800+ newsletter subscribers

WEB:  32,100+ monthly impressions, 10,000+ newsletter subscribers

PRINT: Distributed to 500 residential real estate offices

WEB: 69,600+ monthly impressions, 26,6000+ newsletter subscribers


WEB:  1,000+ monthly impressions, 16,000+ newsletter subscribers


WEB: 11,600+ monthly impressions, 47,500+ newsletter subscribers

WEB: 13,500+ monthly impressions, 17,000+ newsletter subscribers


WEB: 42,700+ monthly impressions, 80,000+ newsletter subscribers

WEB: 21,600+ monthly impressions, 35,700+ newsletter subscribers




Not licensing, learning

AgentEDU is Agent Publishing’s online learning platform, which simplifies the complex business of residential real estate through a wide range of video courses. These videos teach agents how to represent buyers and sellers on a day-to-day level, run a successful real estate practice and create a successful career. Each course is about 10 minutes, so agents can easily integrate learning into their busy schedules. 


We offer rates for individuals as well as brokerages and associations. Brands can also add their own coaching videos or video messages along with our training videos. 


Contact for more information or a free trial.


Sponsored Content


Position your story to drive additional exposure for your brand and promote your business. 

Listing of the Week

The perfect opportunity to highlight a home for sale that deserves a greater spotlight, including full-color images and listing information for potential buyers. 

Real Influencers

Share your individual real estate success story — including your most noteworthy career experiences and accomplishments, and what inspires you to create a positive impact in the industry. 

Developer/New Construction

A multichannel feature that showcases a new development, with full-color photos and information on its special amenities, affordability, luxury features, community impact and more. 

Team/Company Profile

A creative and compelling way to showcase your brand. This profile allows companies to demonstrate their expertise and gain exposure for their products, solutions and industry achievements. 

Tech Watch

Present your real estate tech solution — CRM software, mobile apps, data analytics platforms, etc. — and share how, and why, agents use it to grow their business. 

Who’s Who in Residential Real Estate

An in-print and online collection of profiles which features the best agents, lenders, affiliates, association executives and new-construction leaders in each market. 

Criteria for inclusion is based on excellence, and all participants must come through the nomination process.

To have your real estate professionals profiled in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, South Florida, Lake Geneva

or Southwest Michigan/Northwest Indiana, contact

To have your real estate professionals profiled in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix or Seattle, contact

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Agent Publishing connects the real estate community with exciting events that facilitate fresh thinking and fuel progress in the real estate industry. These include networking events, summit sponsorships, and custom events designed especially for your unique goals.


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Co-Founder/Managing Partner

With a background in advertising and marketing, Hartnett specializes in the creation of unique audience experiences for the brand’s traditional and digital endeavors. In addition, Hartnett oversees the digital strategy and works with Agent Publishing’s brand partners, both on- and offline for continued results.

Harnett was named one of Tech Week Chicago’s 2014 Women’s Leadership fellows – a program to showcase and enable emerging female leaders in business and technology – as well as one of Folio’s 2014 top women in media. She has been a guest speaker at the magazine publishing seminars Folio Magazine’s Folio Show and Folio’s Entrepreneurial Summit, and is an active speaker and contributor to her alma mater’s entrepreneurship program.

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Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Sepulveda oversees the brand’s editorial strategy, day-to-day-operations, product development and growth strategy.


Having trained in the some of the most successful national companies, Sepulveda is a skilled analyst, keeping Agent Publishing’s 260,000 readers on the forefront of real estate’s shifting consumer behaviors and complex market adjustments.

Named one of HousingWire’s 2014 most influential women in housing, the realization of Sepulveda’s vision for Agent Publishing shaping the future of the industry, improving standards for how real estate professionals operate and serve consumers.

As trusted voices of our local markets,
leading real estate companies have partnered with Agent Publishing to bring their expertise as innovative leaders to the residential real estate industry.


Our partners are industry leaders bringing insight, innovation and information to the real estate communities we serve, enabling them to create more meaningful relationships and long term value within the real estate community.



To download our national media kit, please fill out the information below.

Media Kit


Agent Publishing

2000 N. Racine, Chicago IL 60614


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